Why do we use Drupal over other CMS systems?

There are many other Content Management Systems, such as Joomla or MODx, which have been written to do the same task as Drupal. So why do we choose Drupal for our projects over these others?

  • It's open source - Drupal, like many other Content Management Systems, is Open Source. This means there are no license fees to use it, and the code is completely open and transparent. If we find a bug in Drupal, we can report it, fix it ourselves, and contribute the fix back to the community rather than depend on the original development team to fix the bugs. Hundreds of experts team fixing and improving Drupal means much stronger and secure code.
  • Hassle-free Content Management - Drupal provides very flexible and easy content management system with that you can manage different structure data and tons of content from single interface. On other hand, with the help of workbench moderation and workflow module we can build advanced level of content handling.
  • Clear, well-documented API - Many of our clients have specific requirements that cannot be fulfilled using core Drupal or community modules. In these instances, we often have to write custom modules to extend Drupal. Having a clear and well documented API saves us both time and frustration, which translates into saving our clients money. Which means we can enhance drupal feature further easily by writing custom modules and plugins.
  • Flexibility - Drupal keeps its theme system separate with code, that means each section can be modified without disturbing other parts of site. Each new release of Drupal is more flexible than the last. This is due, in many ways, to the power of the API mentioned above. This is not to suggest that Drupal is encumbered with many features users will never use. Core Drupal is kept slim and mean, with much added functionality coming by way of community module. and of course, its has strong community for support and thousands of contributed modules and themes.
  • Large User Community - Drupal has a strong community of users. This means that when we encounter a situation new to use, there is usually someone who has been there before. Being able to rely on community experience (and in turn offering our experience) means much less time hacking through problems.
  • Responsive & Approachable Developer Community - When bugs and security issues are found, or new features are suggested, the Drupal development community is quick to get stuff done. User feedback is sought, and the development process is very transparent.
  • Secure - Drupal's codebase is very secure. A lot of care is taken to prevent opening potential exploits. On rare occasions, exploits are found. Usually, they are fixes on the same day, and a new version of Drupal with the exploit closed is made available for download. This, combined with the the simplicity of keeping Drupal up-to-date, makes it secure.

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